Everything about Loans and the Housing Bank that you should know

What does the Housing Bank give you loans you might be wondering? Then you should know that the Housing Bank grants loans to newly built housing. The loans you get through this bank you can count on are the most favorable you can get in the years to come. Note this!

Essentially, all persons over the age of 18 who are resident in Norway can obtain a loan from the Housing Bank. The mortgage bank consists of a basic loan with supplement. The mortgage depends on the number of rooms and the size of the house. You can get a loan extension if you arrange for certain qualities of the house. The final loan amount can reach up to 80 per cent of total construction costs.

You can get higher loans if you build houses such as:

You can get higher loans if you build houses such as:

• has apartment for rent, eg. downstairs
• is environmentally friendly
• has a life cycle standard, ie the house is wheelchair accessible

If you are going to build a larger or more expensive home because you or someone in your household is disabled or because there are many who will be living in the house, higher loans can also be given.

The requirement to obtain a home bank loan

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Means that the cost of land and houses must be reasonable. It is common to determine that the house can be 120 square meters. Still, you should know that if the house is built in several levels, the living space may well be larger than this. You can then compare with the prices that you find on the Internet or in the newspaper car. On the Internet, you can also spend conveniently searching for used cars, both from dealers and private individuals.

Finally, you must also bear in mind that the site costs cannot be more than NOK 350,000, in press areas not more than NOK 450,000.

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