Loans and FullFinancing on the Mortgage

Most people find that borrowing the entire purchase price for a house or apartment is difficult. Usually, the lender goes up to 80% of the purchase price on purchase. With refinancing, the most common is 80% of the loan rate (this corresponds to about 70% of the market value).

There are no set standards for what can be achieved

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The bank will look at how good service and customer relationship you have. If you have a disposable net income that is high even after borrowing, very many banks will be able to give you a higher loan.

Obtaining a full financing can sometimes be complicated, because many depend on getting a mortgage on another property, usually the parents’. The advantage of taking out a mortgage on another person’s property is that the financing becomes cheaper (it also becomes easier to get a loan).

Another alternative is to get a guarantee beyond adequate security

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The interest rate on the guarantee loan is higher than if you get a mortgage. Naturally, here too, parents are possible guarantors. The employer may in some cases be willing to bail. Because the loan companies are afraid of losing money, it is often too expensive to borrow money without collateral.

In general, we can say that the lower interest rates and fees, the greater the security requirements. If you provide security in the house by example. to borrow at the free value, so you can borrow a lot more money than if you do no other security than the risk of falling into the register.

To obtain a full financing, you must obtain offers from your own bank liaison and other banks nearby. It is easier to get a full financing if you apply for the bank for the entire loan. Splitting the loan into two parts is not a good idea, because no bank is interested in just the risky part of the loan.

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