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Payday loan consolidation, everything you need to know

The times of completing dozens of pages filled with paragraphs with complex financial vocabulary are over. Nowadays, getting the best payday loan consolidation program is simple. Nothing to pick up the magnifying glass to read that small and treacherous handwriting. Times are advancing and so the banking sector does, fortunately for customers. For what used to take a stressful afternoon to do, now you can process by filling out a simple form from our mobile phone. Thanks to new technologies, we can receive the transfer of money requested in a matter of minutes.

Speed as a great advantage of urgent mini-credits

15 minutes. That is the time that the companies assure that the money that we request from the moment we send the request takes time to arrive. Exactly thanks to this rapidity, mini online loans can help us get out of punctual moments in which we are somewhat hurried and need immediate liquidity.

Times have changed and lenders will no longer plague us with thousands of questions about what the purpose of money is. We can invest it where we want without fear of being judged. In fact, such is the competition in the sector that the vast majority of financial companies will allow us an early return without any extra commission.

Anyway, these urgent mini-credits should not be requested to cover regular expenses, due to their high cost. They were designed for specific moments, such as paying a fine or making an urgent transfer to a supplier. But it is not advisable that they serve as a substitute for a periodic income, as would be the case of a payroll.

How much can I apply with the mini online loans?

When asking for financing, the figures are very variable and often depend on our particular profile. But the case of online mini loans is very particular and they hardly have any requirements to access them. The most basic is to have income, be of legal age, reside in Spain and not have outstanding debts. It should be specified that these requirements are general and that each company has its own conditions, although usually they are not complicated to comply with.

If this is the first time we ask for financing, the maximum amount we can reach will be around 300 euros, although there are exceptions such as Kredito24 that allow you to request up to 750 euros. Companies have to build trust with their customers. So, if we are asking for mini loans online and we reimburse them within the established deadlines, the company will rely more on us and in the long run, we will be able to request larger amounts, up to 1,200 euros in some cases.

The reimbursement period is usually one month, although there are private companies that reach up to two months. Being so short, the decision to request an urgent mini credit should not be taken lightly and we should plan well those 30 days. In case it is impossible for us to return the agreed amount within the deadlines, we can request an extension, whose cost will vary according to the contract of the mini online loan that we have signed.

Here we show some of the best offers of the current financial market.

Lender Max. Cost € 100 every 30 days Term I’m interested
Vivus € 1,000 € 28 (new customers for free) 1 month Apply for
That good! € 900 € 27 (10% discount with the code “helpromo17”) 1 month Apply for
Wonga € 600 € 30 (new customers for free) 2 months Apply for
FerratumBank € 300 € 28 (admits up to two extensions of 15 days) 1 month Apply for
Kredito24 € 750 € 35 (also with ASNEF) 1 month Apply for

The real cost of a mini credit by Internet

The way in which the cost of a mini-credit is calculated is different from the other types of financing. These are calculated with the cost per day. The main reason is the short repayment term of the mini online loans, which is usually one month.

On average, mini-credits cost 1% per day of the amount requested. And the way to compare them is usually with the cost of 100 euros every 30 days. Following this example, if we ask for 100 euros to be reimbursed in 30 days, we will have to pay 130 when these are finished since each day we will accumulate interest of one euro.

If we are new clients, we are in luck because there is a special offer waiting for us. Free mini-credits are free of interest or additional fees. This is a highly recommended option for all those who have not requested mini online loans before, as it allows them to enjoy immediate liquidity without any kind of cost, 100% free.

Due to the great offer that exists in the current market, it is convenient to value all of them to choose the option that suits us best. It is advisable to analyze each offer and put it in relation to our particular needs. Think about how much money we need exactly and when we can return it.